Wynne High School

Welcome to the  Class of 1961










This Web Site has been developed to honor the Wynne High School graduating class of 1961.  My hope is that it will be a dynamic repository for the memories of our class.

To make that happen, I need your help.

I looked through my closet of storage boxes and pulled those things that were related to our Senior Year and Graduation.  You will find many of them on this site.  You also probably have a few things that can be shared with our class members. Please take a moment and think about what you may have saved.

If you would like to add to the collection, email me at samcguire@wynnear.com  and I will help you add to our site.

Come inside our Website and look at the memories.  Since many of the pages have pictures, they may be slow to load.  Please persevere and I think you will be rewarded.

Best wishes,

Sam McGuire