Family Medicine Technology Group


The Family Medicine Technology Group (FMTG) is a select group of individuals experienced in the use of computer applications in health care for family doctors and their staff. The Group consists of family physicians, medical informatics experts and computer technical staff. The expertise of the FMTG is based on twenty years of experience with computer applications in family medicine.


The following examples of services will be available for your next state or local meeting.

Seminars and Presentations

·        “ Selection, Evaluation and Use of the Electronic Medical Record”

·        “ The Internet and the Family Doctor”

·        “ Updating Your Practice Management System”

·        “ Use of the Personal Digital Assistant – PDA”

Family Medicine Computer Labs

·        Learn to use major clinical programs

·        Learn to use the internet


The workshops and presentations can include introduction and advanced sessions.  They are not limited to examples above and can be tailored to many other topics on the use of computer applications in health care.


Our members are experts on all aspects of the electronic medical record, practice management systems, and internet-based based systems. We also have considerable expertise in developing connectivity between different systems.  In addition we have used many other clinical and health oriented computer applications.


We are an independent group and do not represent any specific vendor, computer program or hardware company. Our experience comes from working directly in health care. FMTG professionals are experienced in giving presentations and workshops at major state, regional, national and international meetings. For over 10 years we have conducted computer labs at professionals conferences so that a “hands-on” experience can be provided to all meeting participants.  These meetings have included the Annual Scientific Assembly of the American Academy of Family Physicians and many other national and state meetings of family practitioners.


Our presentations and seminars can be customized to meet the specific need of your membership. Contact us to discuss how we can help you.


Contact us at: or 501.681. 2288